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Nexiam (Esomeprazole)

Nexiam is in a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which block the production of acid by the stomach. Other drugs in the same class include omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), rabeprazole (Aciphex) and pantoprazole (Protonix). Chemically, Nexiam is very similar to omeprazole. Proton pump inhibitors are used for the treatment of conditions such as stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which all are caused by stomach acid. Nexiam, like other proton-pump inhibitors, blocks the enzyme in the wall of the stomach that produces acid. By blocking the enzyme, the production of acid is decreased, and this allows the stomach and esophagus to heal. Nexiam was approved by the FDA in February 2001.

Other names for this medication:
Esomeprazole, Axagon, Ceso, Emep, Esofag, Esomac, Esomep, Esomeprazol, Esomezol, Esonix, Esopral, Esoprax, Esoprazol, Esoral, Esoz, Espram, Inexium, Izra, Lucen, Maxpro, Nedox, Neksium, Neptor, Nexe, Nexiam, Nexium, Nexpro, Nexum, Nexx, Opton, Progut, Pronex, Raciper, Sergel, Sompraz, Ulcratex, Zosec,

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Prescription Nexiam comes as a delayed-release (releases the medication in the intestine to prevent break-down of the medication by stomach acids) capsule to take by mouth or to open, mix with water, and give through a feeding tube, and as packets of delayed-release (releases the medication in the intestine to prevent break-down of the medication by stomach acids) granules for suspension (to be mixed with water) to take by mouth or give through a feeding tube. Nonprescription (over-the-counter) Nexiam comes as a delayed-release capsule and tablet to take by mouth. Prescription Nexiam is usually taken once a day at least 1 hour before a meal. When prescription Nexiam is used to treat certain conditions in which the stomach makes too much acid, it is taken twice a day. The nonprescription delayed-release capsules and tablets are usually taken once a day in the morning at least 1 hour before eating for 14 days in a row. If needed, additional 14-day treatments may be repeated, not more often than once every 4 months.

Take Nexiam at around the same time(s) every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Take Nexiam exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than or for a longer period of time than prescribed by your doctor or stated on the package.

Swallow the capsules whole; do not split, chew, or crush them. If you cannot swallow the capsule, put 1 tablespoon of cool, soft applesauce in an empty bowl. Open one Nexiam capsule and carefully sprinkle the pellets onto the applesauce. Mix the pellets with the applesauce and swallow the entire tablespoonful of the applesauce and pellet mixture immediately. Do not crush or chew the pellets in the applesauce. Do not save the pellets and applesauce for later use.

If you are taking the granules for oral suspension, you will need to mix it with water before use. If you are using the 2.5- or 5-mg packet, place 1 teaspoonful (5 mL) of water in a container. If you are using the 10-, 20-, or 40-mg packet, place 1 tablespoonful (15 mL) of water in a container. Add the contents of the powder packet and stir. Wait 2 to 3 minutes to allow the mixture to thicken, and stir the mixture again. Drink the entire mixture within 30 minutes. If any of the mixture is stuck to the container, pour more water into the container, stir and drink all the mixture immediately.

The granules and the contents of the prescription delayed-release capsules can both be given through a feeding tube. If you have a feeding tube, ask your doctor or pharmacist how you should take the medication. Follow those directions carefully.

Do not take nonprescription Nexiam for immediate relief of heartburn symptoms. It may take 1 to 4 days for you to feel the full benefit of the medication. Call your doctor if your symptoms get worse or do not improve after 14 days or if your symptoms return sooner than 4 months after you finish your treatment. Do not take nonprescription Nexiam for longer than 14 days or treat yourself with Nexiam more often than once every 4 months without talking to your doctor.

Continue to take prescription Nexiam, even if you feel well. Call your doctor if your symptoms worsen or do not improve during this time. Do not stop taking Nexiam without talking to your doctor.

Ask your pharmacist or doctor for a copy of the manufacturer's information for the patient.

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Based on epidemiology analysis of recent field isolates of nephropathogenic IB in vaccinated farms in China, YL6 strain were used for vaccination and evaluated by antibody titer and challenge tests. The anatomy of the stylomandibular area is reviewed to explain how infection of the parotid can spread to the pharynx. Fractionation of vagotonin (from horses) by precipitation with sodium chloride Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer have a poor prognosis and present a challenge to clinicians.

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Using knowledge of the human anatomy and 3D radiographic correlation, draft atlases were generated by a radiation oncologist, medical physicist, dosimetrist, and radiologist from the United States and reviewed by a radiation oncologist and medical physicist from Europe. For example, the health burden of asthma is especially large for residents of low-income, inner-city neighborhoods.

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The different removal efficiencies reflect not only variations in effluent composition, but possibly differences in system operational control which should be explored in greater detail. We present two cases of extrahepatic portal vein aneurysms, which were incidentally discovered in patients with no evidence of liver disease. By gel electrophoresis, extracellular DNA from apoptotic cells showed laddering with low molecular weight fragments.

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However, in male mice, adaptive thermogenesis or WAT lipolysis was similar between transgenic PKG-I mice and WT controls. Sex differences and temporal trends (according to 5-year time periods) were evaluated by calculating incidence rate ratios (IRRs) with Poisson regression. In addition to its intrinsic value, this increased understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of flavor recognition provides also a new view on our behavioral response to edible matter.

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Data collection sheets were designed for the 224 laryngeal cancer cases diagnosed in the province of Guadalajara between 1975 and 1998, among those data we included the presence or absence of lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis, as well as its location and treatment applied in each patient. A case of non-specific febrile illness by Coxsackievirus A 16 (CA 16) in a 6-day-old newborn whose mother had developed hand, foot and mouth disease manifestations 2 days after delivery is reported.

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Among men, slower gain in BMI between birth and 6 months, faster gain in weight and BMI between 6 months and 1 year, and slower gains in them between 7 and 11 years of age predicted an increased risk of hospitalization for personality disorders. Optical coherence tomography disclosed the structure of the vitelliform lesion in vivo and could be helpful for its pathological interpretation. Microvillar orientation in the photoreceptors of the ant Cataglyphis bicolor. Pyramids and basket tosses should be limited to experienced cheerleaders who have mastered all other skills and should be performed with spotters and landing mats.

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Clinical features and management of splenic artery pseudoaneurysm: case series and cumulative review of literature. The simulation results show that the cost function and the algorithm yield fast and precise trajectories toward targets at random orientations on a 2-dimensional computer screen. Residents can be successfully substituted for some faculty in the residency selection process. Meningiomas are mostly benign, but they may have a notorious tendency to recur when total resection is not possible. Absence of an association between lumican promoter variants and high myopia in the Korean population.

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przewalskii and 8 other fish species, we identified potential expansions in gene families related to energy metabolism, transport and developmental functions, possibly underlying the adaptation to these environmental stresses. Weighing risks and benefits of prescribing antidepressants during pregnancy. It also influences the use of scientific findings in public policy. Public awareness of the potential dangers related to scooter riding should be increased and the use of protective gear encouraged.

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Even when the composition is changed in only one atomic layer on the top surface, the X-ray CTR spectrum can change due to the differences in composition. Results indicate that prenatal nicotine exposure leads to increased anxiety and depressive-like effects and impaired spatial memory. Impact of heparin on endothelial cells and simultaneously on OPG/RANK/RANKL axis reinforces the presumption of the pathophysiological linkage between bone mineralization and endothelial dysfunction in end-stage renal disease.

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The perceptual decision process is modeled as a drift-diffusion model (DDM) process for each alternative. It was speculated that intracellular macromolecules rotated and showed a displacement due to diamagnetic torque forces during 2-3 h of magnetic field exposure at 14 T. Two reviewers examined 269 abstracts which yielded four trials meeting the inclusion criteria. The broad and selective anticancer activity of HLBT-100 as evidenced by its potent activity against IMR-32, CNS cancer cell line while not active against neuro-2a, a normal CNS cell line. Potential occurrence of hematological disease should also be closely followed due to conversion risks.

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The survey results reinforce the continued use of this teaching method and will enable preceptors to make appropriate adjustments for future learners. MS fingerprint showed the presence of holothurinosides, which was observed for the first time in other Holothuria genera besides the basally positioned Holothuria forskali.

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18 FDG PET imaging of the brain in the analysis of a dementia syndrome Unlike previous studies, a 20 MHz bandwidth signal analyzer was used, enabling the whole Wi-Fi signal to be captured and monitored. Endogenous TDP-43, but not FUS, contributes to stress granule assembly via G3BP. A site-specific endonuclease from thermophilic strain Bacillus species ZE is a ClaI isoschizomer. These results suggest that the Rcs phosphorelay mechanism occurs even in the absence of RcsD.

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Latent class analysis (LatentGOLD) identified six to seven distinct trajectories, varying largely in overall levels of distress, and remaining relatively stable after a small initial decline. FSRT is an effective and safe treatment for recurrent or residual pituitary adenoma. In this prospective study we analyzed the immediate and midterm outcome in patients with abdominal aorta infection (mycotic aneurysm, prosthetic graft infection) managed by excision of the aneurysm or the infected vascular prosthesis and in situ replacement with a silver-coated polyester prosthesis. Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), a member of the C-C subfamily of chemokines, is important for the local recruitment of leukocytes to sites of inflammatory challenge. One hundred and thirty-five consecutive patients who were referred for colonoscopy and who met the study inclusion criteria took samples for the two faecal occult blood tests simultaneously from three successive stool specimens, with no dietary restrictions.

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Human palatal clefting is debilitating and difficult to rectify surgically. Retrospective methods of fracture registration do not provide sufficiently reliable data. In this study we report that after deamidation, the 33-mer bound with higher affinity to DQ2 compared with other monovalent peptides harboring gliadin epitopes.

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Important characteristics of the formula include its accuracy and its ability to explicitly incorporate dispersion parameter and exposure time. Further studies of the effects of SOM230 in PNET patients with MEN1 mutations are warranted. Statistically significant differences among various benzodiazepines and barbiturates were not found. Ghrelin, an orexigenic peptide, regulates energy balance specifically via hypothalamic circuits. Other antisera used in this investigation were raised against purified moult-inhibiting hormone (MIH) of C.

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Described is the synthesis of three different fluorescein-tagged derivatives of a macrocycle, and their binding affinity to heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90). Data from the Catalonia Health Survey established the diabetic population and also the prevalence of CVRF in this population. We aimed to determine if the sepsis protocol improved the time to first dose of antibiotics in patients diagnosed with sepsis.

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Hydroxyproline (Hyp) O-arabinosylation is a post-translational modification that is prominent in extracellular glycoproteins in plants. Air quality of a hospital after closure for black-water flood: an occupational-health concern? We report on a new technique (holding the left atrial disk in the left atrium by a dilator) to prevent prolapse of the left atrial disk of the Amplatzer septal occluder during deployment in large atrial septal defects (ASDs).

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However, reproductive outcomes following robotic myomectomy are not well studied. Association between faecal load of lawsonia intracellularis and pathological findings of proliferative enteropathy in pigs with diarrhoea. We hypothesized that there would be a significant decrease in the incidence and/or severity of shivering in women who are given intravenous ondansetron 8 mg before combined spinal epidural (CSE) anesthesia, when compared with placebo. In this article the most important study results will be dealt with in detail.

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The remaining requirements of the separation can be applied as constraints in the optimization of the goal. The synthesis employed 1,1-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenylbut-1-ene (1) as a useful building block. strain TS-23 alpha-amylase generates a chimeric enzyme with enhanced thermostability and catalytic activity.

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These data collectively suggest a role for plasma cells in the specific destruction of intrahepatic bile ducts in PBC and confirm the increasing interest in plasma cells and autoimmunity. Pericardial delivery appears to offer substantial advantages over EL administration with respect to residence time and reproducibility. Disengaged parenting: Structural equation modeling with child abuse, insecure attachment, and adult symptomatology. Adsorptive removal of sulfonamide antibiotics in livestock urine using the high-silica zeolite HSZ-385. This article describes the case of a 46-year-old woman, with a subcutaneous vascular leiomyoma of the nasal tip.

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The results were compared with microscopy, culture and serology. This article, instead, focuses on the account of how computer-based resampling methods, with their relative simplicity and transparency, enticed one individual, untutored in statistics or mathematics, on a long journey into learning statistics, then teaching it, then starting an education institution. (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a promising chemopreventive agent, has attracted extensive interest for cancer therapy utilizing its antioxidant, anti- proliferative and inhibitory effects on angiogenesis and tumor cell invasion. A DNA barcoding approach was used to determine the reproductive mode of the parasitized hosts. The enhanced interictal reactivity of the visual cortex in migraineurs supports the hypothesis of abnormal cortical excitability as an important pathophysiological mechanism in migraine aura, though the role of specific regions of the visual cortex remains to be explored.

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Nineteen patients referred for chronic ulnar-sided wrist pain were evaluated with conventional MR arthrography prospectively. Brevibacterium casei as a cause of brain abscess in an immunocompetent patient.

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272 patients aged 18 or above with subjective symptoms in the past 2 weeks were recruited at a CM clinic, and were invited to complete a set of questionnaire containing CMYMOP and SF-36. These patients should be monitored regularly so that set targets are met and not overshot as to render them anaemic and acutely symptomatic. Polyphenolic compounds such as flavonoids, isoflavones, phenolic acids and lignan contribute to increased plasma antioxidant capacity, decreased oxidative stress markers and reduced total and LDL cholesterol. Two-in-one: bifunctional regulators synchronizing developmental events in bacteria. From the experience of our case, MRI study of brain is indicated in patient with neurofibromatosis type 1 and endocrine dysfunction.

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Increased effort is required to promote an awareness of cardiac disease and also probably target primary care providers involved in the screening process. This study reviews the role of computed tomography (CT) airway measurements for planning stent placement in malignant airway obstruction before the actual therapeutic procedure to avoid invasive diagnostic evaluation before the stent placement and to reduce complications. Effects of seven RNA silencing suppressors on heterologous expression of green fluorescence protein expression mediated by a plant virus-based system in Nicotiana benthamiana Functional role of monocytes and macrophages for the inflammatory response in acute liver injury.

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Distracting thoughts also mediated the relation between age and everyday problem-solving performance. Cost and resource utilization associated with use of computed tomography to evaluate chest pain in the emergency department: the Rule Out Myocardial Infarction using Computer Assisted Tomography (ROMICAT) study. Research ethics and the precautionary principle: marching toward environmental decay. These experiments illustrate that microarray technology holds great promise for the use of limited clinical samples in the diagnostic setting. However, the levels of adiponectin multimeric complexes during lifestyle intervention have not been extensively studied in obese children.

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The number of CGRP-positive and ChAT-positive neurons and the number of active nerve cells were consistent in those regions in the two types of mice after rotary stimulus. Our aim was to study the relationship between nicotine dependence, depression, and readiness to change smoking behaviour among women smokers in MM compared to women smokers attending a primary care clinic (Control group). CPP had a less significant effect than ICP although similar tendencies for high ICP and low CPP were observed. Repair of cocaine-related oronasal fistula with forearm radial free flap.

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Deficient control of irrelevant information with greater age can be demonstrated in paradigms like inhibition of return (IOR). The aim of this study was (i) to investigate the initiation and duration of DAPT after inpatient PCI with stent implantation in Germany, and (ii) to identify factors associated with DAPT discontinuation during the recommended treatment period. At this stage, spindles were highly abnormal, and chromosomes were often totally unaligned, unattached or dispersed on the elongated and disorganized spindle.

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Identification of Tibicen cicada species by a Principal Components Analysis of their songs. Neutralization of the cell surface anionic charge by polycationic poly-d-lysine and blockage of heparan sulfate by an anti-heparan sulfate peptide also inhibited EV-71 infection. Operations upon the lung commenced with pneumonectomy, were made more selective by lobectomy, and now can be confined to resection of single pulmonary segments when the diseased area is no more extensive, or to single segments in several lobes if necessary.

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Glypicans regulate JAK/STAT signaling and distribution of the Unpaired morphogen. Randomised controlled trials assessing the use of acetazolamide at 250 mg, 500 mg, or 750 mg daily versus placebo in adults as a drug intervention for the prophylaxis of acute mountain sickness. The external standard and the analyte are measured separately, thereby eliminating the matter of chemical compatibility and resonance interference between the standard and the analyte. The drug decreased rearing and increased grooming in the open field as well as increasing emergence latencies and decreasing entries of and the time spent on the light compartment of the light-dark box.

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Public awareness of the widespread use of sexual torture as a weapon of war greatly increased after the war in the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. The causative organisms in extrapulmonary tuberculosis are rarely cultured and isolated. Efficacy of a commercial hydrolysate diet in eight cats suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or adverse reaction to food. Detection of extended spectrum beta lactamases, ampc beta lactamases and metallobetalactamases in clinical isolates of ceftazidime resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

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HTLV-1-associated infective dermatitis: updates on the pathogenesis. Modified lateral orbitotomy for intact removal of orbital dumbbell dermoid cyst. The dysregulation of the monocyte/macrophage effector function induced by isopropanol is mediated by the defective activation of distinct members of the AP-1 family of transcription factors.

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A 6-year-old girl with microscopic haematuria and mild proteinuria was diagnosed with NPLRD because of an aberrantly thickened glomerular basement membrane (GBM) and deposition of Type III collagen in the GBM observed by electron microscopy. To provide an overview of diagnostic and treatment strategies in pregnant patients with diabetes insipidus (DI). No patient had a significant adverse reaction to skin testing or drug administration.

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Gene regulatory network inference remains a challenging problem in systems biology despite the numerous approaches that have been proposed. The present study aimed to evaluate known high risk-factors for general anesthesia (American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) status, body mass index (BMI), and Mallampati class) for their ability to affect outcomes in ERCP patients.

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The structural and content aspects of abstracts versus bodies of full text journal articles are different. To investigate the extent to which the socioeconomic status of Cypriots is associated with the lifetime prevalence of self-reported non-communicable disease (NCDs), with emphasis on those accounting for most Death and Disability-adjusted Life Years (DALYs) among the population, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), metabolic risks and neuropsychiatric disorders. This study describes a culturally relevant intervention using a collaborative depression care model to integrate mental health and primary care services for depressed low income Chinese-Americans at a community health center. Acute rejection may be minimized by a short course of intravenous immunoglobulin. Inhibition of CCL2 signaling and absence of its cognate receptor CCR2 reduced CD11b/Gr1(mid) recruitment and decreased tumor burden.

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The first one is aimed at designing multicavity narrow bandpass filters with quarter wave or multiple quarter wave layer optical thicknesses. Euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) during pregnancy is an unusual condition, but it can occur with normal or modest elevations in blood glucose levels.

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In this article, a one-time, 6-month opportunity in certifying advanced-level health education specialists is documented, and the implications of these results on the Domains of Core Competency are discussed. It is important to note that the SNP that proved to be significantly associated with ED is located within a gene whose encoded product plays a role in male gonad development and function.

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esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate formula 2010-08-14

Effect of a magnetic field on the thermodynamics of dilute XY quantum chains. We here provide a historical review of the EPR effect, including its trampar tablet cases features, vascular mediators found in both cancer and inflamed tissue.

esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate structure 2015-07-25

Furthermore, immune senescence affects both men and women, but it does not affect them equally. There has been a paucity of autopsy studies on atherosclerotic lesions in Nigerians, the last one conducted at our centre being more than four decades ago. Using an analysis of variance for repeated measures, small but significant combunox tablets differences in rolling resistance were found between the drag and push tests on a motor driven treadmill. The silica films on Mo(112) and Ru(0001) are discussed in more detail to demonstrate the key roles of the multi-technique approach and interplay between experiment and theory in the quest for understanding the atomic structure of the films.

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The preclinical discovery and development of bromocriptine side effects headache during pregnancy quetiapine for the treatment of mania and depression. However, the functional consequence of such an interaction has not been previously explored in vivo.

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Statistical mechanics of a fractal lattice: Renormalization-group analysis of the Sierpinski gasket. Near-infrared tolazamide vs glipizide side observations (which allow us to measure the stellar masses of high-redshift galaxies) and deep multi-colour images indicate that a large fraction of the stars in massive galaxies form in the first 5 Gyr (refs 4-7), but uncertainties remain owing to the lack of spectra to confirm the redshifts (which are estimated from the colours) and the role of obscuration by dust.

esomeprazole magnesium 40 mg ec capacitors 2012-09-04

Our findings demonstrate that creatine supplementation decreases lactate during incremental cycling exercise and tends to raise lactate threshold. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) has recently become a popular model in the field of drug screening, specifically emerging as an important vertebrate model for in vivo high-content drug screening of multiple efficacy parameters and whole-organism toxicity. After harvesting, we nasida ria jilbab putih karaoke online closed the incisional area and covered it with a compressive dressing. Improvement in both the gliding characteristics of the prosthetic material and the fixation of the prosthesis may improve the function.

esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate solubility definition 2018-02-25

The Des pathway of Bacillus subtilis regulates the synthesis of the cold-shock induced membrane-bound enzyme Delta5-fatty acid desaturase (Delta5-Des). Early detection mallal abacavir package of AMI could conceivably provide important information for understanding the molecular functions of heart disease, and would enable more effective diagnosis and treatment of patients. tol is expressed in a mat A, mat a, A/a partial diploid and in a mating-type deletion strain, indicating that MAT A-1 and MAT a-1 are not absolutely required for transcription or repression of tol. Therefore, an Ag85B-Hsp16.3 fusion protein was expressed and purified using an E. We found that cells from transplanted rats, untreated or treated with low-dose CyA or GAMIX alone, showed comparable responses to PWM.

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To investigate the pathogenesis of these moles we documented their clinical evolution and their histopathological and immunocytological characteristics in three patients with epidermolysis bullosa. Ivermectin induces P-glycoprotein expression and function through mRNA stabilization in murine hepatocyte cell line. Plasma antioxidant vitamins and lipid peroxidation products in diclofenac bijwerkingen alcohol pregnancy induced hypertension.

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Association analysis of the SOX10 polymorphism with Hirschsprung disease in the Han Chinese population. Our findings support the contention that cognitive changes may precede clinical dementia by a decade or more. Our data suggest that the rabbit anti-Hyr1p antibodies directly neutralized glyburide vs glipizide pregnancy the Hyr1p virulence function, rather than enhanced opsonophagocytosis for subsequent killing by neutrophil in vitro.

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Pseudo-aneurysm of the hepatic artery is mostly iatrogenic due to biliary intervention, as demonstrated in this case. Vocal fold augmentation by injectable material under direct visual control bacterol forte 100 ml in oz is an easy and simple operation. Lactobacillus curvatus CECT 904 and Lactobacillus sake CECT 4808 were selected on the basis of their proteolytic activities against synthetic substrates. The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement database was reviewed for the years 2007-2013. MMA/nBA copolymer and p-MMA/p-nBA blends follow the same trends, although the magnitudes of changes are not as pronounced.

esomeprazole dr and levosulpiride drugs 2016-12-03

Concentration-dependent donor energies and Mott constant in heavily doped n-type silicon. In the marine invertebrate chordate Botryllus schlosseri, cell corpse engulfment by phagocytic cells is the recurrent mechanism of programmed cell clearance and a critical process for the successful execution of asexual regeneration and colony homeostasis. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha downregulates adrenomedullin receptors in human coronary artery smooth muscle cells. The goal of the present study was to assess the health-related quality of brilinta ticagrelor 90 mg preciosa life of a group of family caregivers of individuals with traumatic brain injury from Guadalajara, Mexico. We studied 31 daycare children aged 3-5.5 years exposed to a child with pertussis.

duration of action of esomeprazole generic 2016-05-31

Current Trends of the Incidence and Pathological Diagnosis of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (GEP-NETs) marevan ja voltaren forte gel in Korea 2000-2009: Multicenter Study. Sarcomatoid differentiation in the setting of high-grade urothelial carcinoma portends a poor prognosis.

wow vs gw2 vs esomeprazole 2011-05-24

Cryptosporidium has emerged as an important cause of diarrheal illness alfural 10 mg opana worldwide, especially amongst young children and patients with infectious or iatrogenic immune deficiencies. The 2-1-1 helpline is a social services innovation that has spread rapidly throughout the U.S.